Amar Ko-Fi Stories


Amar Ko-Fi Stories

Little snapshots of love with a ko-fi!
For every ko-fi I’ll write a small story/snapshot of between 500 – 1000 words

How does it work?

  • Buy me a ko-fi
  • Leave a message saying what kind of snapshot you’d like to read
  • Keep an eye on my twitter or this blog to read your story!

Any rules?

Not many, if you feel like reading a sweet kiss with a enemies-to-lovers trope, if you’d like to read a sexy snapshot of a couple’s first time, or a confession, if you’d like a sweet memory of epic friendship or family bonding, pretty much leaving it up to you! Just please make sure to leave me a clear rating request if you go for a romance prompt!

Likewise, if you feel like a scare and want a little horror snapshot or a little fantasy, go for it! (Never know, might go beyond a 1000 words lol).


  • Wizard falls in love with a cute waiter who has no idea wizards exist, first kiss please! (Keep it PG!)
  • Cute boy meets ugly-duckling boy and magic happens *_* (sexy magic, hit me with something R-rated)
  • Opposites attract, spontaneous sexy times! (R rateeeeed)
  • Boy meets girl/girl meets girl, love at first sight! (R rated but not too steamy!)

If you get get more than one because you liked your first story, you can request a totally new prompt or ask for a continuation, the world is your oyster…and a lot can happen in 500 – 1000 words. If you want a kink, don’t be shy, go for it!

I’ll cut if off if I hit 100 ko-fi’s (ambitious, I know, but new year and new luck!)

If I do, I’ll put all the stories together in an eBook which I’ll have available for free download.

So, Ko-Fi?


At the moment, it’s all WIP…

I’ve recently finished the first draft for a novel I’ve been writing for a year. Still so much work to do but so happy to have hit that milestone!

Thanks to that breakthrough, I’ve finally managed to turn my attention to this blog and all other things related to it.

In the spirit of productiveness:

– My Tumblr has received a makeover
– I’ve finally launched my Patreon
– Opened up a Ko-fi
– Started working on my M/F/M fantasy

I haven’t added any content to my Patreon or decided on any pledges just yet. I’m planning on serialising a few of my dirtier stories on there and some WIP snippets of other stories I’ll be working on.

I’ve got a good feeling about June 😉

p.s. If you’re interested in commissioning a story, please check out my commissions post!
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Commissions are for the Romance genre but if you’d like this as part of a cross-genre I’m happy to cross with Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Crime. If you think something you might want doesn’t come under the above genres, feel free to drop me an email, I’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

For commissioning purposes I am offering M/F Romance and M/M Romance. I can and have written different levels of explicit content.

Please see below for details.

20,000 words – £220 // €260 // $300
30,000 words – £290 // €330 // $390

General guidelines:
– Commissioner receives PDF/.mobi of commissioned story
– Commissioner is entitled to two free revisions of the story (any additional revisions would be subject to an additional charge)
– All rights are retained by the author and stories are not to be used for commercial purposes
– Writing commences upon receipt of full payment
– Payments are non-refundable as this is for time spent on the project
– Payments via PayPal

For ideas on the type of story content I can provide, I’d recommend taking a look at Carina Press’ latest post on what their editors want as it covers a lot of different plots/tropes.

Please contact me at for further details.