At the moment, it’s all WIP…

I’ve recently finished the first draft for a novel I’ve been writing for a year. Still so much work to do but so happy to have hit that milestone!

Thanks to that breakthrough, I’ve finally managed to turn my attention to this blog and all other things related to it.

In the spirit of productiveness:

– My Tumblr has received a makeover
– I’ve finally launched my Patreon
– Opened up a Ko-fi
– Started working on my M/F/M fantasy

I haven’t added any content to my Patreon or decided on any pledges just yet. I’m planning on serialising a few of my dirtier stories on there and some WIP snippets of other stories I’ll be working on.

I’ve got a good feeling about June šŸ˜‰

p.s. If you’re interested in commissioning a story, please check out my commissions post!

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