Amar Ko-Fi Stories


Amar Ko-Fi Stories

Little snapshots of love with a ko-fi!
For every ko-fi I’ll write a small story/snapshot of between 500 – 1000 words

How does it work?

  • Buy me a ko-fi
  • Leave a message saying what kind of snapshot you’d like to read
  • Keep an eye on my twitter or this blog to read your story!

Any rules?

Not many, if you feel like reading a sweet kiss with a enemies-to-lovers trope, if you’d like to read a sexy snapshot of a couple’s first time, or a confession, if you’d like a sweet memory of epic friendship or family bonding, pretty much leaving it up to you! Just please make sure to leave me a clear rating request if you go for a romance prompt!

Likewise, if you feel like a scare and want a little horror snapshot or a little fantasy, go for it! (Never know, might go beyond a 1000 words lol).


  • Wizard falls in love with a cute waiter who has no idea wizards exist, first kiss please! (Keep it PG!)
  • Cute boy meets ugly-duckling boy and magic happens *_* (sexy magic, hit me with something R-rated)
  • Opposites attract, spontaneous sexy times! (R rateeeeed)
  • Boy meets girl/girl meets girl, love at first sight! (R rated but not too steamy!)

If you get get more than one because you liked your first story, you can request a totally new prompt or ask for a continuation, the world is your oyster…and a lot can happen in 500 – 1000 words. If you want a kink, don’t be shy, go for it!

I’ll cut if off if I hit 100 ko-fi’s (ambitious, I know, but new year and new luck!)

If I do, I’ll put all the stories together in an eBook which I’ll have available for free download.

So, Ko-Fi?


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